Media Relations
Team Krescendo is made up of seasoned PR consultants helping clients build and defend strong, engaging brands and reputations. News coverage is still considered by consumers, businesses and other stakeholders as being more credible than other forms of marketing, including advertising, direct mailers or point-of-sale collateral.

Today, organizations are aware that in order to win in today’s media environment, they need to partner with well-rounded expertise and speed. We are confident of our media relations acumen, and encourage you to take a look at our client news to see how Krescendo PR puts media relations to work. And if you’re eager to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact Ganesh Somwanshi or Deepti Dhoot.


Community Relations
Building local community relationships can be one of the most important communication activities undertaken by an organization. As a public relations consultancy it is a priority goal we set for our clients to develop a solid, ongoing and reliable community relations program.

This will help in raise awareness of your business and services, as well as being a great opportunity to get to know your competitors. Since any organization can expect to communicate with a range of community audiences including employees, shareholders, creditors, consumers, the media, the general public and government agencies, Krescendo designs an effective communication plan.


Crisis Communications
A crisis puts an organization in the public and media crosshairs; unfortunately, this can often result in unwelcome publicity and reputation damage.  Sometimes the difference between achieving fame or infamy is a simple matter of managing a crisis well.

The time to plan and prepare for a crisis is now, not when a crisis is underway. Just as your employees practice fire drills, you also should make advance preparations for situations which can easily make your organization the lead story on the evening news or social media topic of the day.
Let Krescendo PR help you prepare for the worst. Contact Krescendo PR to learn more about our approach to crisis preparedness.


Media Training
Company spokespersons need to effectively communicate with journalists and take advantage of interview opportunities. Our customized training programmes are built around the specific issues and priorities of the client. The result is better training for your spokespeople – training that they will remember when they need to.